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The Reasons Animal Testing is So Bad

Animal testing used to be the norm for testing the effectiveness of cosmetics, but at what price? Is it really necessary to kill thousands of mice, Guinea pigs, and rabbits just to see how cosmetics work? According to the Humane…
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Ingredients: Vitamins C and E

Previously, we touched on the benefits of Vitamin A. In this post, we continue our overview of Neutratone’s ingredients by checking out the roles of Vitamins C and E! Vitamin C Found both naturally and artificially, vitamin C is an…
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Apple Picking for the Perfect Skincare

Apple picking season is in full swing! Everywhere you look there are fresh apples, apple flavored products, and a ton of recipes flooding Pinterest and other recipe websites enticing you to use up those fresh apples you picked! Did you…
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Neutratone Ingredients: What’s up with Retinol?

Retinol, a form of vitamin A, is one of several ingredients found in Neutratone. Because of its many applications, it’s widely used for the general improvement of your skin’s health. Retinol is an extremely effective cell-communicating ingredient, which means it can…
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Neutratone Ingredients: Vitamin A

There are many myths out there about how to get younger, healthier looking skin. But when you use Neutratone, you will have a peace of mind in knowing exactly what ingredients are active on your skin. No mysteries here— just…
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5 of the Weirdest Skincare Techniques of All Time

Neutratone is dedicated to perfecting a line of skincare and anti-aging products that are safe, effective, and easy to use. Even though we turn to medical science for an ideal of what is healthy and safe, it wasn’t always so…
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Changing Seasons, Changing Skin Care

The changing of seasons is always such an exciting time, especially as we transition from the long, sun-soaked days of summer into the crisp and colorful autumn season.  This change in temperature and color of the leaves often inspires us…
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Sunscreen and Anti-aging

If you’re like most of us, sunscreen reminds you of family trips to the beach.  You remember squeezing the gooey liquid into your hands and hastily applying it all over your body.  “Is it all rubbed in?” you would embarrassingly…
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Seasonal Skin Care: Winter Chill

One thing about seasonal changes is they are rarely sudden. When living in a temporal climate, there’s no guarantee that the temperature on October 1 will be the same on November 1— the latter day could be 25 degrees colder!…
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