Ingredients: Vitamins C and E

group of oranges and orange slices

Previously, we touched on the benefits of Vitamin A. In this post, we continue our overview of Neutratone’s ingredients by checking out the roles of Vitamins C and E!

Vitamin C

Found both naturally and artificially, vitamin C is an imperative component in the body’s production of collagen. Additionally, it is a dominant antioxidant that can help rejuvenate aged and damaged skin. It also helps your skin create scar tissue and ligaments, helping your skin repair itself. When applied topically, clinical trials have shown that vitamin C helps to maintain firm and youthful skin. Your body can’t store vitamin C and its levels in the skin decline with age. Doctors recommend replenishing levels everyday by applying it directly to the skin through creams and oils.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the most widely used in oil form because of its ability to penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate natural cell growth. This cell growth helps reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks and helps heal and rejuvenate skin that has been sunburned. Vitamin E also improves hair. It makes it more shiny and conditions the scalp. Additionally, it is a healthy additive to the blood. Moreover, vitamin E smoothes cuticles, and if you coat your nails in it, it can help them grow longer and not crack if they are thin and prone to cracking.


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