Apple Picking for the Perfect Skincare


Apple picking season is in full swing! Everywhere you look there are fresh apples, apple flavored products, and a ton of recipes flooding Pinterest and other recipe websites enticing you to use up those fresh apples you picked! Did you know that apples are more than great for your body though? They also work wonders on your skin! Yes, the apples you love to eat in pies, with dips, and right off the tree have many amazing benefits on your facial skin.


What’s so Special About Apples?

Apples have one property that makes them simply amazing – their Vitamin C content. This ingredient is detrimental to youthful looking skin and cannot be found in any higher quantity than in apples. Just what does Vitamin C do for your skin? The list is ongoing, but for starters, it boosts the collagen production in your skin. This means you will have brighter and tighter skin – who could ask for more? Tighter skin means less sagging and fewer wrinkles; something we all strive for as we age.


What else do apples do for our skin? There are so many unique ways that apples can be used – they can be an exfoliant as well as a moisturizer – not too many other ingredients can offer both uses! It helps to keep your skin looking young by removing the dead skin cells and replenishing them with young, vibrant cells that help your skin look younger and more radiant. Feeling as if you have a few too many wrinkles? Give apples a try – your wrinkles will be a thing of the past with regular use! Apples also have a cooling and healing property which is great for those with acne issues or irritation. Rather than making the areas worse by using the wrong products, try using products with apple ingredients to help soothe and protect the area as you strive for beautiful skin.

How can you Use Apples?

There are several ways to use apples in your beauty regime. You can use the apple itself for its amazing properties in several ways:


  • Rub grated apple right on your skin for an exfoliator – leave it in place for at least 20 minutes and then wash with a mild soap
  • Use the pulp and glycerin to create UV protection for your skin – simple mix up equal amounts of each product and leave it on your skin for ten minutes before rinsing off
  • Mash and apple and mix with a small amount of milk to calm inflamed, blemished, or irritated areas
  • Use apple cider vinegar to tone your face without any harmful ingredients


If you are not into using natural ingredients directly on your face, find a product, such as Neutratone that includes Swiss Apple Stem Cells in it. The natural ingredients in this product help to brighten, tighten, moisturize, exfoliate, and smooth your skin. When you use products with natural ingredients, such as Swiss Apple Stem Cells, you get the direct benefit of the ingredients without the hard work of making the solutions yourself.


Neutratone ALL-IN-ONE Anti-Aging Cream

The next time you go apple picking, don’t just think about the benefits those apples are going to provide your body or the deliciousness they are going to provide your appetite – instead, think of how they can greatly impact your skin! Including Swiss Apple Stem Cells in your skincare routine means you are providing your skin with the best ingredients out there – there is no longer the need to keep switching products, looking for the right one that will work while trying to diminish the irritation and pain that other products cause. Look for products that use natural ingredients and let your youthful skin shine through!

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