Great Skin Worldwide: How to Care for Your Skin During Travel

Travel -sized beauty to keep your skin looking stellar!

Skin care is an important part of your daily routine, so why would you compromise that when you travel?! A recent article in PopSugar gives Before you jet-set off to your dream destination, don’t forget to include these important travel tips in your vacation prep in order to ensure your skin stays looking fabulous while you see the world.

1. Water, Water, Water! 

When you’re high in the sky, humidity is extremely low. Read: stuffy, dry airplane air, which leaves your skin dehydrated and dull after a long flight. So drink up! And no, we’re not talking complimentary cocktails. Try to drink at least a liter of water on a 6 hour flight, advises flight attendant Felicia Rohan. More trips to the bathroom, maybe, but at least your skin will look youthful and energized when you touch down at your final destination!

2) Make your beauty essentials travel-size

We know everyone has their must-have item that they can’t live without, so in order to ensure your favorite luxury face mask or nightly moisturizer isn’t confiscated by TSA for being over 3oz, (the worst!), see if the brand sells a travel-size option! The upside here is you can use the mini-version not just for travel, but to carry in your purse when you need a quick touch-up! The product doesn’t come in travel size? No problem! Check out your local drugstore for plastic mini travel bottles, or reuse a shampoo bottle from a hotel. Viola- travel size!

Travel -sized beauty to keep your skin looking stellar!

Travel -sized beauty to keep your skin looking stellar!

3) Moisture above all

So we already mentioned the dry airplane air- you’re going to need more than water to keep skin hydrated! Make sure you have the complete arsenal of moisturizer to keep your skin soft and supple. To start, neutratone’s complete skincare set will help you keep your skin looking radiant no matter what the altitude. A lip balm in your purse couldn’t hurt either!


4) Spritz your way to hydration

Again, we can’t stress the importance of in-flight moisture enough. A number of flight attendants recommended carrying on some type of face-misting spray for additional hydration on your trip. This is great not only for your flight, but to use on the day-to-day if you’re headed to a sunny destination.  Rosewater is a great choice for this, just put it in a mini spray bottle and you’re on your way!

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