Changing Seasons, Changing Skin Care


The changing of seasons is always such an exciting time, especially as we transition from the long, sun-soaked days of summer into the crisp and colorful autumn season.  This change in temperature and color of the leaves often inspires us to change ourselves; be it our hair color, workout routine, or diet. But one thing people often forget to alter when the seasons shift is their skin care regimen.  Failing to alter the way you care for your skin when the climate changes is one of the biggest skincare mistakes you can make.  However, fear not, because a recent article from Birchbox gives the lowdown on how to best switch up your skin care routine to ensure your summer glow will carry over into fall!


Fall is here- don’t let your skin care routine falter!

1) Update your moisturizer

In the summer months, the weather tends to be more humid, and your skin is often more oily as a result- you may find you don’t need to use as much moisturizer, or need to moisturize as often.  In the fall, however, there is much less moisture in the air, which can cause your skin to get drier much faster. You’ll probably want to give your skin a bit more hydration, so look to use a thicker moisturizer that’s packed with vitamins and minerals to keep your skin supple despite the cold, bitter air.

2) Don’t forget to exfoliate!

It may sound counterintuitive to exfoliate your skin when the climate is drier, as many people think that scrubs can dry out your skin even more. However, using an exfoliating scrub intermittently is really just the trick to sloughing off the dead skin and revealing the glow underneath. Once or twice a week, depending on your skin, should do the trick to keep your skin from getting flaky and dry in the fall!

Skincare in the fall months

3) Identify your unique skin needs

Even with the changing of seasons, different skin types require different types of care.  It is important to keep your age, skin type, and climate of where you live in mind when selecting skin care products and planning your skincare regime. A younger individual living in a hotter climate may be able to get away with a lighter moisturizer in fall months, while someone in their forties living in the northeast will likely need a heavier moisturizing cream during this time.

These are just a few general rules for fall that will make sure your skin easily transitions from summer to fall and continues to be radiant.  To ensure a smooth transition, (no pun intended!), try Neutratone’s complete skin care regime! You won’t be disappointed.

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